Susan Scott, M.A., F-AAA, CCC-A

Susan Scott

Susan Scott has been an Audiologist for over 29 years. She brings expertise and passion to the team at Atlantic Hearing & Balance. Susan received both her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the University of Northern Illinois. She went on to receive her Fellowship at U.T. Medical School of Medicine. Susan specializes in diagnostics and especially enjoys working with children with hearing loss.

Susan lists New York, Ohio, and Illinois as where she grew up. She has resided in the Port Orange community for the past 24 years and calls the area home. Susan has enjoyed being an Audiologist for many years and especially enjoys providing pediatric Audiology care. She believes that children with hearing loss have specific needs that differ from the needs of seniors with hearing loss, and she loves being a resource to those families and being able to provide the skill set necessary to help those children. Susan enjoys working with children of all ages and finds them a true blessing to work with.

An aspect that fuels both personal and professional passion for Susan is helping others. In her career, this comes in educating and helping her patients understand their hearing health so they can better enjoy their lives. Outside of her profession, Susan has had the privilege of traveling within the U.S. as well as to other countries to do Missionary work. Her most recent trip was in July of 2015, where her team traveled to an orphanage in Uganda, Africa and provided a multitude of services and goods to the children that lived there. Susan feels extremely grateful to have these wonderful opportunities, both personal and professional, that allow her to serve others in life.