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We are dedicated to improving the lives of the hearing impaired, one patient at a time. Everything we do is to help people with hearing loss enjoy the sounds, voices, people and conversations in their lives. We take great pride in helping people get back the gift of hearing—there is nothing more gratifying.

"I was referred to Atlantic Hearing & Balance by Coastal Ear Nose & Throat. I have Tinnitus in my left ear and was recommended to see an Audiologist for further evaluation. I saw Dr. McInnis at Atlantic Hearing & Balance and she made me feel so comfortable at every appointment. She is the greatest! Now, my hearing has improved and I can understand conversations. The best is that I sit in the back of the church and I can hear every word the pastor says. This has definitely improved my life. I hear my children and can communicate with them so much better. They aren’t hollering at me anymore. They’re so happy that my hearing has improved!" -John Corcella, Ormond Beach, FL

"I have finally found a professional who takes their time and provides great care. Atlantic Hearing & Balance is a place where I am truly cared for with such professionalism. Their concern is for my wellbeing and satisfaction. The atmosphere is receptive, comfortable, and pleasant. The staff is so wonderful. Stepping into this office gives such a warm, delightful feeling and I look forward to coming in – it’s like going back home! Due to my continued follow-up appointments, education, and instructions on how to care for and clean my hearing aids, I can honestly say I am hearing so much better than I ever have in the past. This practice continues to have my best interest at heart to help me lead a better life of hearing my best. Before I got hearing aids, my mother passed away, and I didn’t hear a word from the priest during her church service. I then went to Rome and did not hear one word that the tour guide said. I realized then that it was time to change my life. Don’t wait if you’re struggling, do something now. It will change your life for the better!" -Marlene Montgomery, Port Orange, FL

"Before I became acquainted with Atlantic Hearing & Balance, my life consisted of eleven-hour workdays, nonstop phones ringing, and walk-in customers. On more than half of the phone calls I could not understand the things I was being told. It was difficult to say the least. I would ask them to repeat what they said so that I would get a chance to write some of the words down, then I would tell them something was wrong with their phone and they would repeat what they just said. I would glance at their phone number and tell them that we had a bad connection and that I’d call back, which I would. After three times I still didn’t always have it right. I worked myself into a continuous headache. Occasionally when this happened I had customers at the counter or sitting close by, observing, much to my chagrin. One day, a customer told me about Dr. Stacy O’Brien, who specializes and helps restore the ability to hear and understand. Other products hadn’t worked, however, something clicked and I liked what I heard about Dr. O’Brien. I also thought about my loving wife who was quite tired of having to repeat everything. I was only hearing the last few words in a sentence. I then decided to make an appointment and was fitted with two Starkey hearing aids that have been a life-changer. I can now hear, understand, and have a world of confidence. I am now getting the right information and the headaches are gone. I would also like to mention that Dr. O’Brien and her staff are top shelf. It is nice to be able to come by and pick up batteries that are always no charge, unlike other places that charge you. I am very thankful that it was suggested I speak to Dr. O’Brien. She is so passionate. Now that I hear everything my wife and customers say, it is really worth it." -Paul M. Young, Port Orange, FL

"I can’t wait to spread the news about my experience. Prior to Atlantic Hearing & Balance, I bounced around from hearing aid office to hearing aid office, and nobody was able to help me. Dr. O’Brien is truly an A-class professional. She educates you, and spends time with you so that when you leave the office you will have no further questions to ask. The best part of my experience is being able to hear. Dr. O’Brien personalizes the devices to your needs. I have accessories such as a streamer for TV, telephone and iPhone. With Dr. O’Brien, your hearing is in the hands of a true professional. It is life-changing! I haven’t heard this well in years and my wife deeply appreciates this fact. Now, I enjoy having dinner with my friends and actually being able to join in on conversations and being able to understand." -Robert Lloyd, New Smyrna Beach, FL

"I found Atlantic Hearing & Balance to be very professional and thorough in educating me. Learning about my type of hearing loss and learning how different options could benefit me was so gratifying. I highly recommend anyone looking for hearing healthcare to contact Atlantic Hearing & Balance. My hearing aids have given me the ability to hear things that I wasn’t hearing before and group conversations are so much more enjoyable. My husband is so very happy that I don’t have to keep asking him to repeat things." -Sharon Hepburn, Palm Coast, FL

"Dr. McInnis made the transition to hearing devices so easy. The support she provided made my acceptance going down this track so much easier. I would recommend anyone experiencing hearing loss to come to Atlantic hearing & Balance. It is a great office with caring and great staff. I am very happy I made the decision to follow through! Better hearing has improved my life in that I can actually hear my wife, especially in the car. I can hear in small groups now and I can hear every little detail. I also see much greater improvement in one-on-one conversations." -Thomas Ledwith, Flagler Beach, FL

I came to Atlantic Hearing & Balance because I was having difficulty hearing in groups. I was missing particular words and hearing the wrong words in conversation. Now that I have my hearing aids, I feel more comfortable out in groups. I used to have to position myself in the middle of the table in group settings to be able to hear and now I don’t have to. The best experience with Atlantic Hearing & Balance has been the time taken with me to ensure I was comfortable and that my hearing aids were working properly. I have been hearing so much better since coming to Atlantic Hearing & Balance. My family and I can really tell a difference and it has made life so much better.  I want people to know that everyone at Atlantic Hearing & Balance is so nice! It was such a good decision to come here. You don’t get the care at other places that you do here. The staff really takes quality care and time with me. –Ann Jensen, New Smyrna Beach, FL

I was referred to Atlantic Hearing & Balance from Coastal ENT for reprogramming. I bought my hearing aids from a retail chain in New Hampshire. My experience with a Doctor of Audiology versus a retail chain is like night and day! Whenever I put my hearing aids in before, I was constantly adjusting them. I couldn’t hear the TV correctly. Everything was too loud or I couldn’t hear. There wasn’t a day I wasn’t going out of my mind! I have had 3 sets of hearing aids and no experience has been like it has here at Atlantic. I feel now that I’m hearing exactly the sound that is the true sound I’m supposed to hear. Now, I hear perfectly! The hearing aids are so comfortable that I don’t even know they are in. I am uncomfortable when I don’t have them in! I had 15 years of terrible experience with hearing aids until now. Now, I can hear the TV much better and I am becoming more social, going to events and out to eat. Once the hearing aids are in I can hear! It makes talking to family much easier. I think that everyone should find someone who is well-educated in Audiology and knows what they are doing because this isn’t simple. Absolutely go see a Doctor! -Doris Hill, New Smyrna Beach, FL

I had a hearing problem for a long time and didn’t want to address it so I tried to compensate even though I knew my hearing was decreasing. I looked online and found Atlantic and came in. My family tried to get me in for a long time and I just had to get to the point where I was ready and finally I reached it. Now, I have been hearing wonderful and can adjust as I need to! If I forget to put my hearing aids in I become frustrated. I like them, I use them, and I’m glad I have them. My family and friends are positively affected by them as well. I don’t have to ask people to repeat themselves. There’s absolutely no embarrassment and everything is cosmetically hidden. What used to make me worry is no longer an issue. I’m less embarrassed in social situations with people. I’m hearing better around me and even with the TV! The staff at Atlantic Hearing & Balance is wonderful! The time taken with each individual is unlike other places and the options you get when you decide on devices is something else I appreciated. We were able to choose a device to fit our lifestyle. I had a choice and the experience is very interactive. When you are ready, getting hearing aids is an awesome adventure! It’s amazing and surprising how much better your life will improve. To come in here at any time and get the help you need is great. The staff are so attentive. You are getting a full treatment package here with people that know your story. They know your layers and they care to educate you along the way! -Merrill Carter, Daytona Beach Shores, FL